J. Cole - The Album Before The Album

01. J. Cole – The Good Son
02. J. Cole – Show Me Something
03. J. Cole – Can I Live
04. J. Cole Ft Omen – Enchanted
05. J. Cole – Who Dat
06. J. Cole F.t Drake – In The Morning
07. J. Cole – Cost Me A Lot
08. J. Cole – Premeditated Murder
09. J. Cole Ft. B.O.B – Pass Me By
10. J. Cole – It Won’t Be Long
11. J. Cole Ft. Skylar Grey – I’m Coming Home
12. J. Cole – I’m On It
13. J. Cole – Killers
14. J. Cole – See World
15. J. Cole Ft Omen – The Badness


Freeway - The Intermission

Track List
01. Freeway - Intro
02. Freeway - Freezer [Prod. By Jimi Kendrix]
03. Freeway - Superstar (Feat. Meek Mill) [Prod. By The Amazinz & Love Dinero]
04. Freeway - Life Of A Don [Prod. By Jimi Kendrix]
05. Freeway - Da Feel [Prod. By Doc]
06. Freeway - 666 (Feat. State Property) [Prod. By Jake One]
07. Freeway - All Here [Prod. By The Incredible Stro]
08. Freeway - Niggas In Africa [Prod. By Hit Boy]
09. Freeway - Turn It Up [Prod. By B!nk]
10. Freeway - Philly In Me [Prod. By Jahlil Beats]
11. Freeway - I'm A Hustler (Feat. Yo Gotti & Mon E.G.) [Prod. By Raw Beats]
12. Freeway - Benjamin 2 (Feat. Chic Raw) [Prod. By Jimi Kendrix]
13. Freeway - What They Want [Prod. By Sap Beats]
14. Freeway - Block Music (Feat. Freddie Gibbs, Fred the Godson & Trae Tha Truth) [Prod. By Don Cannon]
15. Freeway - She Makes Me Feel Alright (Remix) (Feat. Wale & Mayer Hawthorne) [Prod. By Jake One]
16. Freeway - My Girl (Feat. Slim & Clemmye) [Prod. By Oddz N Endz]
17. Freeway - Outro
18. Freeway - Beard Motivation 101 (Mixed By Greg Nitty)


Ice Berg - Mr. L.I.V.E. 2.5

Track List
01.- Intro (Even Better When You Higher)
02.- Snap (Remix) feat Trick Daddy and Ace Hood
03.- Imma Star
04.- Ill Be There (Ride or Die)
05.- Get Away feat Shonie
06.- Villain feat Jimmy Dade
07.- A Round Of Applause
08.- Bout My Money Part 2 feat Ball Greezy
09.- Im Gon Slide feat Jimmy Dade
10.- Yo Girlfriend
11.- She The Shit
12.- Like I Invented This Shit feat Shawty Lo
13.- Till I Cant No More
14.- Last Hope feat Chris and Tom G
15.- The Least I Could Do
16.- Heartbreaks and Promises
17.- Pour Your Liquor Out
18.- Let Me Smoke
19.- Blaze Till Its Gone
20.- Outro



Young Jeezy - How I Got My Name

Track List
01. Paramedics (Feat. Game)
02. Rough (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
03. Gotta See This (Feat. Freddie Gibbs & JW)
04. Banned From TV (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
05. Amen (Feat. Pusha T & Kanye West)
06. Shake Life
07. Money (Feat. DJ Khaled & Ludacris)
08. Be The One (Feat. Trey Songz & Lloyd)
09. Win
10. Flexin (Feat. Fabolous & Yo Gotti)
11. Rollin (Feat. Fabolous)
12. Four (Feat. Alley Boy & Yo Gotti)
13. All The Money (Feat. 211)
14. How You Want It
15. I Mean It (Feat. USDA)
16. Do It For You (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
17. Stripes (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
18. Pocket Full Of Money (Feat. Alley Boy)


Future - Astronaut Kid

Track List
01.Future - Shinin (Feat. 2 Chainz, Stuey Rock, Yo Gotti, DJ Scream, Gucci Mane)
02.Future - Its On Me (Feat. Trouble, Veli Sosa)
03.Future - Cant Stop Laughin
04.Future - 650 (Feat. Young Scooter)
05.Future - Magic
06.Future - All I Drink Is Lean
07.Future - Go (Feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko)
08.Future - No Cuffin (Remix) (Feat. Young Tone, Stuey Rock)
09.Future - Pussy So Good (Feat. Stuey Rock)
10.Future - Lost It (Feat. Gucci Mane, 2Chainz)
11.Future - Same Language (Feat. Young Scooter)
12.Future - I'm A Trapaholic
13.Future - On Everything I Love (Feat. Waka Flocka, Trouble)
14.Future - Annoying (Feat. Waka Flocka, Young Scooter)
15.Future - Stevie Wonder (Feat. Gucci Mane)
16.Future - Aint No Way Around It
17.Future - Tony Montana (Feat. Drake)
18.Future - Long Time Coming


T-Streets - The Streets Is Watching

Track List
01. T-Streets - What I'm On [03:09]
02. T-Streets - Trouble Maker feat Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz[04:01]
03. T-Streets - Street Shit feat D Danger [02:53]
04. T-Streets - Beatin' feat Short Dawg [02:46]
05. T-Streets - Callin' Shots feat TL & Birdman [03:08]
06. T-Streets - On The Grind feat 2 Chainz [02:18]
07. T-Streets - For The Low feat Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda (Prod by Honorable C-Note)[04:26]
08. T-Streets - You Don't Know Me feat Lil Mike [03:08]
09. T-Streets - Red Bandana feat Lil Wayne (Prod by Honorable C-Note)[04:09]
10. T-Streets - Bang Bang feat Gudda Gudda [04:06]
11. T-Streets - Smoking Good feat Jae Millz [02:14]
12. T-Streets - Execution Style feat Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Lil Wayne[03:55]
13. T-Streets - Leave Me Alone feat Mack Maine & Blazed (Prod by Honorable C-Note)[03:04]
14. T-Streets - Go Hard Round Here feat Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz (Prod by Tha Bizness)[04:25]
15. T-Streets - 2AM feat Aliie Baby & Young Chu [04:17]
16. T-Streets - Tired feat TL [03:35]
17. T-Streets - Hold Up feat Lil Wayne (Prod by The Olympicks) [Bonus Track][03:54]
18. T-Streets - Love Of My Life Freestyle feat Lil Wayne (Sqad Up) [Bonus Track][03:13]


Trey Songz - Upstairs To The Bed

Track List
01.Sex Room (Ft. Ludacris)
02.Neighbors Know My Name
03.She Ain’t My Girl
04.Inseperable (Ft. Mariah Carey)
05.Hood Love (Ft. Mary J. Blige)
06.Yesterday (Ft. Toni Braxton)
07.Invented Sex Remix (Ft. Drake)
08.Successful Remix (Ft. Drake, Yung Joc)
09.Pretty Brown Remix (Ft. Amerie, Lloyd Banks)
10.Drop It Low
11.Say Ahh Remix (Ft. Ace Hood, Young Jeezy, Busta Rhymes)
12.Lol Smiley Face (Ft. Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy)
13.She Just Wanna Dance (Ft. Drake)
14.Supplier (Ft. Shawty Lo, Lil Wayne)
15.Bitch You Wrong
16.Ridin Dirty (Ft. Paul Wall)
17.Around The Way Girl
18.Last Time (Ft. Fabolous)
19.I Need A Girl
20.In Ya Phone
21.Bedroom G
23.You Belong To Me
24.Must Be Love
25.You Belong To Me
26.Lil Freak
29.I Wanna Rock
30.Feds Takin Pictures
31.Turnt Up
32.Live Your Life
33.Paper Planes
34.Swagger Like Us
35.Got Money
36.A Millie
37.Barry Bonds
38.Best I Ever Had
39.Rockin That Thang
40.Whatever U Like
41.Every Girl
42.Day N Nite
43.Break Up
44.Love Lockdown
45.Boyfriend #2
47.Bust The Windows
49.The Stupid Things
50.Run This Town
51.Show Me What You Got
53.Always Strapped
54.Blue Magic
56.Girls Around The World
57.Who You Wit
58.Ring The Alarm
60.What Girls Like
61.Me & You
62.Its Me Bitches
63.Im So Paid
64.Never Ever
66.Cuddy Buddy
67.I Cant Believe It
68.Birthday Sex
70.Beat It Up (Ft. Gucci Mane)
72.Till The Day I Die
73.The Machine
74.Does He Do It
75.Play House