Solar Fields - Origin # 01 (2010) [FLAC] Ultimae Records inre 044

Origin # 01, is the first chapter in a series of four albums which aim to present Solar Fields' music under a new light. The artist dived into his studio archives and discovered unreleased little gems. A simple idea came along to share with fans and followers this incursion into the life of a contemporary composer.
The tracks on Origin # 01 were created over the course of the last ten years.
At times we'll be tempted to give a date to the music composition because there's a specific feel to it which reminds us of a moment or of an album; at others we're thrown in the pure flow of inspiration and that is timeless.
Magnus Birgersson opens up the audio spectrum and spices up his music with guitars, bass, drums, balalaika, sitar; once again reminding us what a talented multi-instrumentalist he truly is.
Origin # 01, a multi-coloured archive made of ten genuine and intense songs.


01. Silent Walking (6:41)
02. Unite (9:25)
03. Bigger Stream (6:17)
04. Almost There (7:17)
05. Next Waiting (7:42)
06. Embraced (5:27)
07. Going In (7:50)
08. Automatic Sun (3:32)
09. Reborn (9:11)
10. OCT (15:50)

Download Links: Fields - Origin # 01 (2010) [FLAC] Ultimae Records inre 044.part1.rar Fields - Origin # 01 (2010) [FLAC] Ultimae Records inre 044.part2.rar Fields - Origin # 01 (2010) [FLAC] Ultimae Records inre 044.part3.rar

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